Most stripper agencies in Las Vegas don’t care about doing a great job, nonetheless a good job.

Most of them use pictures of beautiful girls on their websites, only to send girls nowhere close as attractive.

So how do you avoid getting faked out?

Only a handful of websites actually offer the girls that they advertise.

And they are:


Playgirls is a mixed site that has both real and fake pictures on their site.  Evidently, the fake pictures are used because some of their girls don’t want their actual face shown (usually to keep friends and family from discovering them online).  The reviews have been positive that Playgirls sends girls that are equally attractive and similar looking to the pictures on their site.  And the real girls use their real pictures so that isn’t a problem either.

Love Bunnies has the largest selection of beautiful strippers that are background checked so you aren’t dealing with street criminals.  They are also hand selected and managed so that they come prepared to put on a show and they do the dirtiest adult games and hottest private and bedroom dances.  At the time of writing this article, Love Bunnies supposedly has over a dozen adult film stars working as strippers!  This means you’re guaranteed to get a very sexual, sensual and erotic show.  The have a variety of shows including girl on girl, strap-on show, the dirty unicorn, lesbian party, the toy show, bubble bunnies, twerk tsunami, pussy magic, and others.