Looking to hire a private stripper?

Be sure to read the tips below to make sure you get what you want without getting screwed!

How do I know if the girls are real or not?

Almost all stripper websites use fake pictures of girls to lure you into booking with them.  Then they send whoever they want and you’re stuck with either accepting the girls or cancelling your party.

The worst scam is when an agency sends you a girl that you didn’t order and you don’t like. The girl will pressure you into paying the booking fee.  She will tell you a sad story and that she really needs the money.  If that doesn’t work, she will tell you that she has to pay her agency or host a fee and that she can’t leave without it.  Or in some cases, she calls her “host” (sometimes pimp) to come over and talk to you.  He will tell you that you are obligated to pay the fee as the girl took the time to get ready and show up at your door.  This horrible scam unfortunately happens ALL THE TIME in Vegas.  That’s why we built this site.  To educate you to avoid scams like these and to help you find the true exotic experience you are searching for.

Is there a website that ONLY USES 100% REAL PICTURES?  Yes there are but just a few.  Currently it’s Striptainers and Love Bunnies. The pictures of the girls on those sites are the ACTUAL picture of the stripper. These two sites charge a little more but you’re guaranteed to get the girl that you chose.

Do any of these fake sites have hot girls or is it all a bullshit scam?  The only stripper site that uses fake pictures now and then but sends similar looking beautiful girls is Playgirls.  On that site, all the girls, real or fake, are attractive and have been screened and have a clean background.  These girls usually model or work in Vegas and don’t want their pictures shown on the web so they use different pictures online to represent them.  Playgirls is the only site that is from a licensed and insured agency in town.  Of all the stripper sites that use fake pictures, Playgirls is the only one to have girls who are actually attractive.  The same can’t be said for the other 99% of stripper websites on the Internet.  Most of them offer a pretty website with pictures of hot girls, but in reality, it’s a sham of an agency posing to be the best when they actually offer the worst.  Buyer beware!

Are the “cash only” stripper agencies safe to work with?
  1. “CASH ONLY” CAN BE RISKY.  It depends if they’re licensed, insured, and have the ability to take credit cards.  “Cash only” simply means the stripper shows up with her security guard (or pimp) who is there to make sure you pay the arrival fee regardless if you like the girls or not.  They’ll say you can refuse the girl but you still have to pay the fee.  They’ll promise to send someone else but they’ll just leave with your money and go to the next victim.
  2. IT’S SAFER TO DEAL WITH AN AGENCY THAT ACCEPTS CREDIT CARDS. If an agency is willing to take credit cards, that means they’re willing to connect with you on a business level.  This means they cannot escape from you if a problem occurs and you wish to pursue legal action.  With a “cash only” agency, they’re doing it mainly to avoid any paper trails and to be able to scam you without retribution.  It is safer to use a credit card to pay for the booking fee ahead of time.  You can always dispute the transaction later if there is a problem.  With “cash only”, you’re going to have to figure out what to tell the large menacing gentleman that shows up with a different girl (one that looks nowhere near as attractive as the picture you saw on the website).
How do I know if this is a legitimate agency?

It’s easy to find out if the Stripper agency you’re talking to is running a legal or illegal operation. 

  1. To see if the agency has filed their business name with the city, click here to search by company name.
  2. To see if the agency has a business license, click to here to search by company name.
  3. To see if the agency has an actual office, do a Google Maps search of their address and see what pops up.  If it’s a home or residential property, then it is most likely ILLEGAL. 
  4. The agency must be based in a properly licensed and zoned commercial property and within minutes of the Las Vegas strip.
  5. If the agency is operating illegally, it’s because they either:
    1. Offer low quality entertainers
    2. Offer very poor customer service
    3. They don’t want to disclose their contact information in order to avoid prosecution by the law

Bottom line: Illegal agencies are illegal for a reason.  They don’t care about your satisfaction and are looking to make a quick buck from your naivety.  Being illegal allows them to hide and avoid legal remedies.  It allows them to operate a criminal operation, such as the scam where the agency sends you a stripper (not the one you ordered and not nearly as attractive) and her “driver” (pimp) who pressures you to pay the agency fee immediately upon arrival.  This is an intimidation practice.  Be careful and avoid at all costs!


How do I know if the agency does a good job?
  1. PROOF COMES FROM YELP OR GOOGLE.  It’s simple.  Any decent agency can provide customer testimonials and pictures/videos of happy customers.  If you don’t see any real reviews (like from Google, Facebook or Yelp) then I would stay away.  It’s easy to fake reviews on any website.  It’s harder to get people to do the same on Yelp.
How much do these agencies cost? Are there cheaper ones and more expensive ones?
  1. MOST AGENCIES IN LAS VEGAS CHARGE AROUND $100-200 PER GIRL as a show up fee.  What happens after they arrive is the strippers will talk to the client and go over different party options.  Options include level of nudity, type of adult games, toy shows, and private dances.
  2. SCAM AGENCIES SPECIALIZE IN RIPPING YOU OFF.  Meaning, the only thing they’re concerned with is getting maximum dollar from you as fast as possible.  Once they’re gotten all of their money, they’re gone.
  3. To avoid scam agencies, look for stripper websites that have:
    1. Proof of a business license in Las Vegas (easy to provide)
    2. Real testimonials on Yelp, Facebook, or Google.
    3. Physical address in Las Vegas (use Google Maps to make sure it isn’t fake)
    4. Local Phone Number (should start with 702 area code)
Does the agency have their physical address and phone number (local area code 702) on the website?
  1. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Most stripper websites are scam sites.  That’s why they don’t have a local phone number or address listed.  It’s so they can escape prosecution for any illegal activity.  Always ask for proof of a business license.  You can visit the Clark County Business Licensingpage and see if they have an actual license.  If they don’t have a license, then they are a scam.

To summarize, the best thing you can do when shopping for a stripper, companion, escort or massage girl, it’s best to deal only with agencies that are licensed in Las Vegas and that disclose their physical address.  If they hide that information, it’s for a reason.  Be careful!

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