Every man has asked this same question in his head.  “How do I get laid in Las Vegas without getting totally screwed over?”.

It’s a common question as this town has been known for it’s endless false advertisements and scams when it comes to the sex entertainment industry.

This article was written to shed a light on this hidden subject.  For decades, Las Vegas has been known as “Sin City”.

Most visitors assume that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas.

It is not.

The only place in the state of Nevada where prostitution aka “sex for sale” is in the tiny city of Pahrump, about 1.5 hrs from Las Vegas.

So how do you get laid without getting screwed?

There are many ways for any guy to get laid in Las Vegas. This city was designed to be an adult playground.  You can meet women in a variety of ways.  For instance:

  • At the nightclub
  • At a bar
  • At the strip club
  • At a party
  • Hiring an escort
  • Hiring a stripper
  • Hiring a masseuse
  • Going to a massage parlor
  • Using online classifieds
  • Using Tinder / Bumble / Match

Some guys want things simple and choose to hire an escort.  When hiring an escort, it’s important to understand what you’re really doing.

By going online and checking out the classified ads (eros.com, adultfriendfinder.com, etc), you’re often going to find girls who are usually “managed” by a gentleman (“pimp! cough cough”).  How do you know if they don’t work with a pimp?  You really can’t find this out until it’s too late.  By too late, I mean when the girl comes to your room and you find out she’s accompanied by a larger and intimidating man.  He is there to ensure that you pay her “show up” fee.

By walking the strip and grabbing one of those cards that people pass out to tourists.  Often these small business sized piece of papers feature a scantily clad girl and it will have a price above it.  Sometimes it’s $99 or $79 or even as low as $49.  When you call the number on these cards, a woman will answer the phone.  She will pretend to be the girl on the card.  Often the number you call shows up on the operator’s screen so she knows what name to pretend to be.  She will say yes to pretty much anything you ask just so she can get your location information.  She promises to send the girl in the picture and then you wait for her to show up.

The girl that shows up usually looks NOTHING like the girl in the picture and often looks much worst (usually older, not in shape, not attractive, different race, etc).  The agency uses images of beautiful women stolen off the web and pretend that this girl works for them.  None of the girls that work for these agencies are as beautiful as the fake pictures that they use.  And when the girl shows up, she is hoping that either A) You pay the fee and then pay whatever else she asks for..  or B) You pay the fee but ask for someone else to replace her (which never happens as they will say they’ll send another girl but often than not, they will just leave with your money).. or C)  You pay the fee and let her leave.  You never want option (D) which is when you refuse to pay her and she gets upset and asks her “driver” (aka pimp aka enforcer) to come talk to you regarding her show up fee.  The customer usually gives up the money out of fear of the repercussions.

By going online and searching Google and looking up stripper agencies.  Often a guy will just google “strippers in las vegas” and they will see a large number of Google ads, followed up by Google natural listings.  As a smart shopper, it’s important to look for the websites that come up naturally and without advertising.  These are sites that Google has deemed to be the best out of all the websites out there.  When clicking on a Google ad, just make sure you check out the site thoroughly and make sure it is a reputable and legal agency.  Illegal agencies are the scariest to deal with and there is no assurance of your safety or that you won’t get ripped off.  These websites often have no address listed and are not licensed or insured.  These illegal agencies often make new websites every few months to escape being caught by the authorities.  Avoid these agencies at all cost!  If you want to know if they’re legal, simply as them to send you a picture of their business license.  Once you get this, you can check the Clark County Business Licensing website to confirm that they are a legitimate agency.

How to get laid without getting screwed in Las Vegas